My dear fellow AMCOMsites,
It’s indeed a big pleasure accepting me and my team to pilot the affairs of this prestigious association, AMCOMS. It is again another session for you all to witness another story of change because I believe ‘The AMCOMS VISION’ led administration will put in its best to yield purposeful results within the limited time frame of a session.
In a special way, I welcome the newly admitted students into the department and the association respectively. To the returning students, you’re most welcome to another session of continuous struggle. I believe that we shall all conquer our challenges.
The Association has been on a platter of integrity, led by high intellectuals, coordinated by focused, organized and visionary stakeholders since it’s inception. Therefore, I enjoin all of us to be part of its success records by giving in our absolute support, contributions and advice so to maintain or uplift the status quo of our lovely AMCOMS, and the Department at large. Our togetherness is the strong pillar for our success.
I, therefore, charge all students to be serious with their studies as it is the primary goal of being in school. Always uphold any opportunity that will make you great in life. Education is the key and has a great impact on our future.
Finally, I pray that God will see us through to the end of the session successfully. Thanks.